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We opt for premium, commercial-grade sealing products, specifically designed for use in commercial parking lots with a high softening point to ensure durability and cost-efficiency.

Our hot asphalt crack-filling technique mirrors that adopted by numerous local municipal, state, and federal agencies for maintenance of high-traffic areas such as highways, roads, parking lots, and airports.

This method has been rigorously tested and validated under the most challenging conditions, proving its effectiveness.

Crack-Filling Services

Asphalt inevitably shows signs of cracking over time. These fissures can arise from various sources, such as sun-induced oxidation, water infiltration, the freeze/thaw cycle, and substandard initial paving practices. Water entering through cracks compromises the asphalt’s structural integrity by eroding the rock base and weakening the sub-base, leading to further cracking, potholes, and other forms of pavement degradation.

Implementing asphalt crack-filling is a crucial preventative maintenance step that significantly curtails pavement deterioration, helping to forestall extensive and expensive repairs later. We advise scheduling crack-filling for your parking lot annually, especially before applying any sealcoating, to maintain optimal condition and longevity of your pavement.