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Asphalt Maitenance

A parking lot riddled with potholes and fissures demands attention to preserve its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Apax Construction excels in providing asphalt maintenance and repair services across King, Snohomish, Pierce, and Skagit Counties.

Having dedicated over 17 years to serving the Puget Sound area, Patching Pro offers a breadth of asphalt solutions. Regardless of the condition of your parking lot—be it brand new, showing signs of wear, or in dire need of repair—we’re equipped to ensure your asphalt remains in top-notch condition.


Over time, asphalt inevitably deteriorates, but with consistent maintenance from Patching Pro, your roads and parking lots can remain devoid of cracks and potholes.

Our Services Include

* Asphalt Patching

* Asphalt Crack Filling

* Sealcoating

* Pavement Marking

Whether it’s a simple pothole repair or more comprehensive crack filling, we’ve got it covered.

Our asphalt services are designed to be both thorough and efficient, allowing for regular scheduling to prevent the emergence of significant potholes or other asphalt complications.

We ensure your parking lot remains clean, accessible, and fully operational for all your needs.